When will we get more Madden 18 details?

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    The release of initial Madden 18 info along with the announcement of Tom Brady as the cover athlete created a stir in the Madden community on Friday. The details were vague as was the teaser trailer. However, it left many Madden fans clamoring for more info. So when will we see more on the new features in Madden 18?

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    EA hasn't released an official schedule but we can look back at the Madden 17 news cycle to get a good idea of when and what we should see in the coming weeks.

    Release Date, Cover Athlete, Teaser Trailer

    Last year we got info on release dates, Rob Gronkowski as the cover athlete and the initial trailer on May 9. This year those announcements came on May 12.

    Gameplay Details

    Three days later on May 12, 2016, we got a features overview posted on the Madden website. Six days after that on May 18, we got a gameplay deep dive focusing on ball carrier special moves as well as one focusing on defensive gaps and run fits. There was also an article by Game Informer breaking down 27 adjustments made to Madden 17.

    On May 25, EA released a video highlighting the new ball carrier juke moves. One day later they released a video highlighting the new hurdle moves as well as blogs breaking down the new zone coverage as well as special teams, catch outcomes and ball physics. The next day they released a competitive focus blog and a video showcasing the new spin moves.

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    Things were quiet for 10 days, and then EA put out a video on designer blitz improvements. The next day brought a video on pass rushing and ball physics. The following day featured the announcement of the new commentary team for Madden 17 as well as a blog on presentation improvements. Two days later there was a blog detailing the new accessibility features.

    Franchise Mode

    June 12 of last year was the first day of EA Play which brought the first news about franchise mode as well as a new trailer. The following few days gave us several developer interviews and a few short videos highlighting previously announced features.

    June 20-21 saw the first gameplay videos from EA Play get released. Eight days later there was a blog discussing the new equipment upgrades.

    Player Ratings

    The first player ratings were released on July 20 with the top 10 rookie ratings being announced. EA continued releasing ratings of the top five players at a different position every day through August 2 when all player ratings were released.

    So what does that mean for Madden 18? Next week, possibly as early as Monday, May 15 we should start seeing the first developer blogs. The following week we will probably get another blog or two as well as an "insider" post from outside of EA. The week after that we will likely see some short gameplay videos and another blog or two on new additions and improvements to Madden 18. At that point, we should know almost everything there is to know about the major new features and have some very limited exposure to the new gameplay through videos.

    At EA Play, June 10-12 this year, is when everything other than ratings will likely be released as well as the first full length gameplay videos. So, the next four weeks are going to be jammed packed with Madden 18 news and info!

    What are you going to do while you wait for the new info? Are you dying to know what the new Frostbite info is going to do for Madden 18? What part of the game do you want to get info on first? Gameplay, Franchise, MUT, Story Mode, Team Play? Let us know in the comments!

    Thanks to Operation Sports for the detailed list of release info from Madden 17.

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