Week 10 Scheduling Thread


Things to keep in mind when scheduling:
  • You should post within 12 hours of advance what your availability is. We advance every M-W-F around midnight CST. There is not reason you shouldn't be able to log on and post within 12 hours. If you fail to post within 12 hours, you risk being placed on auto for that advance. Consistently being difficult to schedule with will lead to removal from the league.
  • If you know you cannot play during an advance, please place yourself on auto. You can do this by going to Options > User Teams > Select Your Team > Toggle Auto Pilot. Set it to 1, 2, 3 weeks, whatever you know you will not be available for. This keeps your commissioners from having to do it and keeps your opponent from having to wait around if you can not play.
  • All games are to be streamed on Twitch. The home team will be assigned to stream unless otherwise notated (xSavedByGraceo cannot stream presently). All streamed games need to be archived on Twitch. You can go into your Twitch setting on the Twitch website and click Channel & Videos > Automatically archive my broadcasts. Failure to do this could result in sanctions up to and including termination from the league.
  • Everyone is expected to know and follow the rules. If you have not read and agreed to the rules, please do so now. They are three pages, yes. However, the actual gameplay rules are only one page. No reason that you cannot go through and read over them a few times to make sure you are abiding by the vast majority of them. We don't expect you to be perfect, but you should know the vast majority of them and be following them every game.
Thank you and good luck!

Advance is MON ~ 12 PM CST

Chicago Bears (JustInTime952 ) vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers (wyrmreaver )

Denver Broncos (Wolfman93011 ) vs New Orleans Saints (CPU)

Cleveland Browns (GridironGuru614 ) vs Baltimore Ravens (Bgd9155 )

Washington Redskins (Kaimbe516 ) vs Minnesota Vikings (Seanisgreat87 )

LA Rams (Gonzo612 ) vs New York Jets (tdcatch7 )

Miami Dolphins (xSavedByGraceo ) vs San Diego Chargers (CPU)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Reddrum26 ) vs Dallas Cowboys (SuperBowlNachos )

Arizona Cardinals (ShakeNTaake ) vs San Francisco 49ers (CPU)

Jacksonville Jaguars (Youngfuture ) vs Houston Texans (majesty95 )

Atlanta Falcons (Jay2149 ) vs Philadelphia Eagles (ronboreagan )

Cincinnati Bengals (buccoblast32 ) vs New York Giants (Knockout511 )

Green Bay Packers (Ron_Codpiece ) vs Tennessee Titans (CPU)

Seattle Seahawks (XWarriorMonk ) vs New England Patriots (CPU)

Carolina Panthers (Miryfa ) vs Kansas City Chiefs (CPU)


Staff member
Youngfuture Guess it's time for my beat down. I'll be tied up most of the weekend but might be blue to play around 6 PM CST today. I'll also be available all day Monday. Prefer during the day if possible but can work you in at night if need be. Let me know what works and we'll get it in.