True Gameplay - Re-rated Rosters (PS3 and 360)

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    Original - No
    Author(s) - Tdawg and various members of the OS community
    Editor(s) - various
    Named - All players re-rated/All coaches named.

    Notes: This roster was a cumulative re-rate effort based on Khalib's uncovering of what the ratings actually do in game and how to get them to trigger certain aspects of the programming realistically. You can read Khalib's findings here:

    True Gameplay: Inside the Ratings

    The goal of these rosters is to give you the most realistic representation of college football. The ideas are a little unorthodox and these rosters may not be perfect for those who are more traditional ratings purists. They do offer a unique take on the ratings and how to make the game perform, however. You can view the original thread here:

    Tdawg's "True Ratings" Re-rated Roster


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