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    Free Agents

    A waiver process will be used for assigning free agents at the beginning of the season. A waiver thread will be posted which will indicate the waiver order and claim deadline. Free agents can only be assigned through waivers during this portion of the season. When waivers have concluded, a free agent signing thread will be posted and users will be allowed to sign one free agent per advance, on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Trade Committee:
    BigTexas18, NightHawkTH32, woodsmall12, danwin, cnorys4

    Four (4) approvals are needed to process a trade. If one trade committee member is involved in a trade, three (3) votes are needed. If two trade committee members are involved, two (2) votes are needed. Once approved by the committee, trades may be processed in the game. However, they will still be subject to the in-game league approval.

    Trade Rules

    A maximum of three (3) trades are allowed per year by each team. Only two (2) of those my be between a user and the CPU.

    Trade Submission

    All trades must be submitted for approval by creating a thread and tagging each member of the Trade Committee. Please title your trade thread Rangers-Nationals Trade (or whatever the teams are). You must tag (place an @ before the username) both users and each member of the Trade Committee. In your submission, please post the player names, positions, overall, potential and remaining years and salary on their contract.


    Rangers BigTexas18
    Nolan Ryan, SP 47 years old, 87 OVR, A potential, one year, $3m left on contract

    Dodgers NightHawkTH32
    Kirk Gibson, OF 38 years old, 85 OVR, B potential, two-years, $1.4M per season left

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