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    I want to provide some clarification on the trade process and how it should work. There has been some confusion as to the process so hopefully this will clarify it.


    The reason that trades are posted in the public trade forum is for transparency. There is never a question as to whether a commissioner or trade committee member vetoed a trade for personal gain. The entire trade and each committee member's thoughts are there for everyone to see.

    This also serves a second purpose of helping guys to understand what the committee values so that they can get an idea of what a good trade is and what a bad trade is. We do not want league commissioners and committee members to field numerous lopsided trade requests and continue to provide feedback to each person individually when transparency in the process can help alleviate that. This process allows every member to look at each trade and try to get a sense of what the committee will or won't approve and what the value of their players and picks are.


    What this process is not designed for is to be a place to shop players to try and get an even better deal than the one you agreed to. You are expected to use the trade blocks and do your due diligence before accepting a trade. Once you accept a trade, you are locked into trading that player to that opponent as long as your opponent agrees to pay whatever the committee recommends. You also have the option to decide you do not want to trade the player for what the committee recommends. In that case, you would just keep the player and hold onto him for the rest of the season.

    Multiple Offers

    It is understandable that you may receive multiple offers for one player and that you will accept the one that you feel benefits you the most. However, we all have to have some awareness here and not just accept a deal that is clearly one-sided in hopes that it gets approved and then back out of that deal and run to another one when the committee vetoes the unfair deal.

    Users should do their due diligence in these scenarios and make sure the offer that they accept and propose to the trade committee is the one that they are going to live with or die with. If you are only accepting one deal because it sounds too good to be true and would rather have deal #2 if the sweetheart deal gets denied (which it probably will) you should submit the second deal and save the committee and your trading partners some time.


    The most successful leagues, we've found, are those that provide a balanced playing field for all. It serves the league no use to allow users to accept lopsided or uneven trade offers. All that does is ruin one team which generally leads to the player who got the short end of the trade to quit. That team then becomes less desirable to fill and the team who benefited has a leg up on everyone else because they were fortunate enough to run into an owner who did not realize what they were doing.

    That may be appealing to some of you, but that does not create sustainable long-term success for your league. These rules are in place to keep everything as above board and transparent as possible while allowing everyone to compete on an even playing field.

    I hope that clarifies the process. If you have any questions comments or concerns, feel free to PM me here or on Slack. pack1797 and BigTexas18 are also always available if you have anything that you do not feel comfortable coming to me with.

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