Tough Loss Hangs over the Horns

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    One day later the Texas Longhorns are still left reeling.

    What happened?

    In the loss to Oregon, the Texas Longhorns fell to 2-1. Not the end of the world, but for an offense that seemed to have found their identity in week two, went back to square one in week three. The Longhorn offense played the game of dink and dunk in order to gain an advantage over the tough Oregon secondary. At one point, quarterback Ray Tatum went 17 of 17 in pass attempts before throwing an INT late in the second half. Bamba, the sophomore running back, struggled to gain any traction on the ground before the Horns completely left the ground game late in the game.

    The defense for the Longhorns continued their trend towards the number one defense in the league. Jimbo Smithers continued his double-digit tackle streak and the Horns forced three turnovers. All interceptions against the Duck quarterback. Sophomore safety Michael Wells contributed with two of his own, including an impressive 104 INT pick six.

    The Longhorns need to rebound in a big way on the offensive side of the ball. WR McCoy and Lewis need to prove their 5-star ranking. Can this offense finally click with the defense?

    NEXT UP:
    The Longhorns travel away from Texas for their first road game of the year against Notre Dame. The Irish are a tough opponent and their AD has proven his skills with a National Championship in year one of the CFSL.
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