Titletown USA - Green Bay Packers Madden NFL 17 Summer Playthrough

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Discussion' started by IAmBPBurke, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Dec 31, 2014
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    Good afternoon gentlemen!

    My name is Bryan Burke - couple years ago, I took the reins of the Rams in the Necessary Roughness league for about 7 or so weeks until the internet at my then apartment made staying connected to games online impossible. Damn free internet at school!

    Anyway, I'm older, more mature, and have my own internet with streamable speeds to boot. I have verbally committed to the Madden NFL 18 league coming up, but in the mean time, I wanted to get my creativity flowing again. I will be live streaming all my games on my Twitch channel as well.

    I will update this thread a little more tonight. I'll most likely be starting my season tonight around 9pm on Twitch. I'll also be providing commentary myself, as an addition. Stay tuned!

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