Tales From The Tigers Den - "Weeks 2(PSU) & 3(TENN)

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    Hello Tiger Fans!

    Welcome Back Clemson Tiger Fans! I want to apologize for the delay in content. As you know Clemson Tigers and the CFSL have had their hands full with some issues, but that has since been cleared up and put behind us! Unfortunately we missed an opportunity to interview with our Week 2 Offensive & Defensive Players of the Week DJ Moss & Mike Miller. We will discuss that game vs. Penn State and also talk about the Week 3 game vs. Tennessee. So let's get right to it!

    So since we last spoke a lot has transpired in the last few week. Unfortunately the University of Clemson was hit with a devastating blow. That cost them their #1 HB Aidric Khaan. At first it seemed under control just losing him for the Week 2 game vs. PSU. Then more news followed & it cost them a scholarship. A BIG one at that losing Aidric Khaan for the season as he was suspended from the CFSL. Most of you already know the story so we will just move on. So with that said let's talk about that Week 2 game vs. PSU.

    WEEK 2


    • DJ MOSS

    24/31, 251 yards, 1 TD, 0 int

    21 car, 227 yards, 3 TD

    • Mike Miller

    6 tackles, 6 TFL, 4 sacks

    Moss * Miller both balled out in this one as the Clemson Tigers win this one in BIG fashion 56-6. That was without their star HB at the time. The walk-on Robinson showed up for the Tigers in this one to help fill that void. Honorable mentions on Offense Cadillac Chadwick WR 4 rec, 78 yards - Anthony Robertson III WR 5 rec, 55 yards - Ricky Cortez TE 4 rec, 36 yards 1 TD. Honorable mentions on Defense Kobe King MLB 6 tackles, 1 PD Benjamin Boulder OLB 5 tackles, 1 int (9 yard return)

    So that brings us to Week 3 vs. the Texans Longhorns. With the Tigers expecting their star HB to return. I t was with shocking news that the league posted the details that shocked Clemson University to its core...The University of Clemson was advised from the league officials that Aidric Khaan would not be returning to the Clemson Tigers. Quickly Clemson HC & AD Nick Larson got to work quickly to prep for the Tennessee. The Tigers had to swallow this news and quickly turn things around with a new game plan.

    WEEK 3


    Tough loss in this close game. It was a defensive, but yet sloppy offensive performance for both teams. Especially for the Tigers. Tigers just had a bad game plan I think. No really offensive or defensive players of the week in this for the Tigers.

    DJ Moss - QB

    30/46, 278 yards, i TD, 2 INT

    14 car, 23 yards

    Sacked 6 times

    Anthony Robertson III - WR

    4 rec, 38 yards

    Cadillac Chadwick - WR

    4 rec, 90 yards, 1 TD

    Ricky Cortez - TE

    8 rec, 57 yards

    On the defensive side of the ball. I’d say the stand out would be Kobe King. He put on a show with 12 tackles & 1 interception on the day. Other notables are Barry Allen FS 7 tackles, Jordan Hall SS 6 tackles & Benjamin Boulder OLB 4 tackles. Needless to say this week losing such a big part of the offense indefinitely is tough & I think will continue to be tough. Let’s hope the Tigers can turn this thing back around next week vs DJ Moss’s old school squad in Ohio St. check out the full game pre-view here https://collegesimleague.com/2019/01/07/week-4-preview-clemson-vs-ohio-state/

    Kobe King - MLB

    12 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 INT

    Mike Miller - DE

    4 tackles, 2 TFL 1 sack

    So long folks, until next time I’m…..


    Daniel Greco

    CFSL Clemson Tigers sports reporter
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