Roll Call and Team Reveals

Ok guys here are the rest of the team reveals so we are all on the same page.

Buffalo Bills: TheAirKev
New York Jets: NINJAy87
Cleveland Browns: GridironGuru614
Indianapolis Colts: Shanewallawalla
Denver Broncos: Wolfman93011
San Diego Chargers: brnbomba2
Green Bay Packers: Ron_Codpiece
Detroit Lions: Bgd9155
Arizona Cardinals: jpatton12

Gonzo612 and Seanisgreat87 will play for the Minnesota Vikings when the 10 hour trial is live and the loser will take the Los Angeles Rams.

With these reveals all teams are taken except the San Francisco 49ers. I will take a look at the waitlist and offer the 49ers.

If you guys have not signed up for slack please do so because we will be communicating with you guys using slack. Thanks!

It's almost here fellas! Good Luck this cycle!
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Has anyone played with a majority of players here? Can anyone set a very very vague power ranking?

Well, I've talked you up enough that you have a giant target on your back...... Plus the Broncos owner is at least as big a raiders fan as you, so you are #1 in the power rankings as of now. :)