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    I heard about this game last year and never got around to playing it. It's on sale right now for iOS and android for 2.99 so I figured I'd check it out image.png

    There are two seperate versions, the career version which lets you take control of a franchise for Multiple seasons then the standard version that has a play now option. The rosters are based off the NFL 2015-2016 season. you are able to edit players names and team names as well ( I changed St. Louis to Los Angeles) image.png

    This game does a good job of letting you control every aspect of the game on the field, with a decent amount of plays, shifts, and allignments.


    There's also in game animations for the action on the field, a rarity for a traditional football sim

    The game has been a blast for me so far, my only gripes have been the Wild qb scrambling and avoidance of players, one play the Seattle qb dodged a 3 lb blitz and passed the ball pretty well. It was still a incompletion but still. My team also fumbled the ball 4 times in my last game but to be fair I'm the Rams. My last problem with the game is that the linemen don't have individual names, however the developers 2016-2017 version addresses my last complaint and they are also adding in a training camp feature for the game that sounds promising as well as team specific playbooks. I feel this game will be able to give me that sim football fix at least when I'm away from my ps4 ;). Overall I feel the career version is well worth the 2.99. image.png
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    Interesting. Gonna have to check it out

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