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    Live from Fox Sports New England: We caught up with the New GM of the Patriots (Michael Martin), to give us a few words as the 2017-2018 season is approaching. Here's what he had to say.

    GM Martin: "What can I really say after a miraculous come from behind win in the Super Bowl. Lead by one of the greatest if not the greatest QB (Tom Brady) to ever play the game of football. One would be lead to believe we wont just take the summer off and be content. Unfortunately for the NFL and the AFC EAST that will not be the case at all.

    Some years you just wont make a big splash in the NFL Draft, but you have to make most of your picks and all resources to bring in free agents. Which I felt like we accomplished. Starting in free agency.
    We we're blessed and graced that Tom Brady is still hungry and has returned for another season. Keeping the core guys around was big for us. Re-signing players like Dont'a Hightower who can not only rush the passer as many witnessed in the Super Bowl he can also drop into cover when asked to. Keeping around previous Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler to lead this secondary. Another veteran in Alan Branch to help keep the center of our defense solid. These men are primed and ready for another run at a ring.

    Unfortunately, Martellus Bennett didn't see eye to eye with us. We had to keep the wagon rolling and went out and traded with the Colts for Dwayne Allen. We didn't stop there, shopped around in free agency and signed Stephon Gilmore to bolster our secondary. We felt Tom Brady needed a new toy to play with to bring fire to our offense so we went out and got Brandin Cooks, a young talented WR who can stretch the field not only with his hands but also his speed. Our DL didn't produce as much pressure as we would have like last season, so we went out and got Kony Ealy who is just brewing for a break out year. Also signed Lawrence Guy who may have not got his fair shake in Baltimore, but here he will fight for a day one starting spot. Both Ealy and Guy will help determine whether we will go 4-3 or 3-4 this season, as Rob Ninkovich announced his retirement.

    Like i stated be for you have to make the most of your draft picks, in the 3rd Round Pick 83 we selected DE Derek Rivers from Youngstown State. At this moment his fighting for a roster spot, but we believe we may have found a diamond in the rough.

    Round 3, Pick 85 OT Antonio Garcia from Troy. A physical Tackle, possible replacement fro Nate Soldier as he ages
    . [​IMG]

    Not glamours picks by any means but guys who very well can fit in our system and thrive."

    Fox Sports: Mr. Martin has a call he needs to attend to at the moment, but we will stay up to date with him as final rosters are around the corner and his prediction on how this season will.

    Until next time, So stayed tuned and keep your eyes glued here at "Fox Sports New England" Your number one source for all thing Patriots (Signing off)

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