OFFICIAL Madden 17 Waitlist Roll Call


I am tagging you here in the order of the current wait list. If you played with me before or here at PX1 last year you are being given priority (sorry new guys, stick in their and you'll have the leg up next year).

In order to stay on the wait list and be considered for teams that come available you must reply to this thread by this Thursday, 8/25 at 8PM EST. If you reply after that you will be added to the list behind all of the other guys who replied before.

If you are not tagged here but want to be considered for the xbox league here at PX1 it's either because I didn't see your application in the sign up thread, you posted it after I posted this, or I felt your application was inadequate. In any case, please post here and we will review your sign up app and see about getting you added. Thanks guys and sound off, I anticipate their being some immediate openings.


ShakeNTaake - confirmed
Knockout5111 - confirmed
ChosenOne3188 - confirmed
ronboreagan - confirmed
Selke - confirmed

SDHallofFame - confirmed
Jihad4Jezues - confirmed
aSizzle52 - confirmed
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