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    Our MLB 15 The Show league rules have been created and modified by league members, site staff and admin. All members of our MLB 15 The Show leagues must read these rules and guidelines and like (click the like button at the bottom) each section agreeing to abide by these rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines have been established to provide a consistent and fair playing experience to each of our members.

    League Leadership

    League President: majesty95
    Commissioners: NightHawkTH32

    All issues or questions related to the league, its rules and its processes should be directed to the league commissioner. If a resolution cannot be found with the league commissioner, then please escalate it to the League President. Everyone should attempt, however, to resolve any issues or questions first with the league commissioner. You can reach them by clicking their name and selecting "Start A Conversation".

    Trade Committee: BigTexas18, NightHawkTH32, woodsmall12, danwin, cnorys4

    Trades within the league must be approved by the trade committee. Four (4) approvals are needed to process a trade. If one trade committee member is involved in a trade, three (3) votes are needed. If two trade committee members are involved, two (2) votes are needed. Once approved by the committee, trades may be processed in the game. However, they will still be subject to the in-game league approval.

    League Info

    System: PlayStation 4
    Difficulty: All-Star (modified sliders)
    Season Length: 82 Games
    Schedule: Open (minimum of 10 games and maximum of 15 per week (advance is 11 AS CST every Sunday)
    Quick Counts: On
    Guess Pitch: Off
    Rosters: OSFM Weekly 1 (modfied)

    Rules and Guidelines


    A maximum of three (3) trades are allowed per year by each team. Only two (2) of those my be between a user and the CPU.

    All trades must be posted in the Transactions thread. Please title your trade thread Rangers-Nationals Trade (or whatever the teams are). You must tag (place an @ before the username) both users and each member of the Trade Committee. In your submission, please post the player names, positions, overall, potential and remaining years and salary on their contract.


    Rangers BigTexas18
    Nolan Ryan, SP 47 years old, 87 OVR, A potential, one year, $3m left on contract

    Dodgers NightHawkTH32
    Kirk Gibson, OF 38 years old, 85 OVR, B potential, two-years, $1.4M per season left


    All teams are required to create and manage a team page. Minimum requirement is a season preview each year. However, posting team related news, transactions, call ups, send downs, etc are all encouraged.


    All games must be streamed on Twitch. Please make sure that your Twitch channel is set up to archive past broadcasts ( Twitch Wrench.png > Channel and Videos > Automatically archive my broadcasts). Generally, the home team should stream. However, if you do not have a strong connection (at least 10 Mbps), let your opponent know before the game and ask them to stream.

    Sim Play Guidelines

    - Players must be played at primary or secondary positions
    - Starting pitchers can only be used in bullpen roles as long relievers

    - All teams must use a 5 man starting rotation
    - Mix up you pitch type and location
    - Dirt balls and balls over the batter's head should not happen frequently
    - No quick pitching, you must give the batter time to prepare for the pitch
    - Do not intentionally hit the batter
    - Do not sub your pitcher in the middle of an at bat (after he has thrown a pitch)
    - You can use whatever pitching option you want

    - Do not start to steal before the pitcher starts his delivery
    - Runners can only advance one base on an infield hit unless there is a throwing error
    - You can use whatever baserunning option you want

    - Do not frequently attempt to throw a runner out at 1st on a ball hit to right field (should be very rare and a very slow runner)

    - Bunting should be realistic and used for a sacrifice or with a fast batter at the plate
    - Do not sub your hitter in the middle of an at bat (after a pitch has been thrown)
    - You can use whatever hitting option you want

    Bench Players and Relievers

    Each team should use their full bench and entire bullpen. In real life teams use platoons, players get tired or hurt and managers sometimes just give guys a day off to rest them. Those strategies should be applied in the league. Also, while your closer and setup men will get the majority of your relief innings, all other bullpen pitchers should be cycled in during middle and long relief.

    Player Rankings

    All user vs user games are required to be logged on the PX1 Player Rankings Leaderboard. Before playing a ranked game, be sure to go to your member profile ( click the User Icon.png icon) and add your PSN ID (be sure to click "save changes"). Games cannot be submitted unless both users have entered a valid PSN ID.

    Following the game, the winning team should go to the leaderboard and click "Submit Game Result", Select PlayStation, enter your opponent's forum name (typing the first three letter will populate a drop down where you can click on their name), select MLB 15 The Show, select whether you won or lost (or if the game disconnected), enter your score and your opponent's score, rate your opponent's gameplay on a 1-5 scale following the guidelines provided on the forum and click "Submit Game Result".

    ***League rules and guidelines are subject to review by site admin and league commissioners and may periodically change. Any amendments to the rules will be posted in this thread. To suggest a modification to the league rules and guidelines, submit a PM to either league commissioner. They will confer on whether they feel the change is necessary. If deemed necessary, they will then submit the proposed rule change to the League President for approval as a league specific change or a site-wide league change. Please keep in mind that not all suggestions will be implemented. However, all will be considered.***
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