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    League Settings:
    • All-Madden difficulty
    • Sim game style
    • 7 Minute quarters
    • No accelerated clock
    • Created coaches
    • 48 Hour advances, extended advances for holidays

    General Rules:
    • Any rule violations will result in player suspensions, being placed on auto-pilot, or league removal.
    Repeat offenders will get a greater punishment until league removal is necessary.
    • All CPU Games must be live streamed and a link posted in chat before kickoff.
    • No quitting any games. First offense will be user suspension for 2 weeks. Second offense will be league

    • Users are expected to schedule within the first 24 hours after an advance. If one user has not contacted
    another a force or CPU game can be set.
    • If you are going out of town or facing time away from being able to get games in, please let an admin
    know so that your opponents can be notified. A user will not be punished missing these games unless it
    happens frequently.

    Disconnect Rule:
    • When a disconnect occurs in the first half, the game is to be recreated. This includes score, time
    remaining, possession and field position. If a game disconnects while one team was up a large score,
    the game does not need to be recreated and a force will be set.
    • When a disconnect occurs in the second half the teams will recreate the time remaining possession and
    field position in the first half. The teams will play with a “ghost score” and quit at half time. The losing
    team must close app to quit. Conceding will not work. The “ghost score” winner will be given a force win.
    • The required score to recreate is only the lead. Ex: If the game was 42-28, the score to recreate is only 14-0.

    • Users are expected to know when enough is enough. That being said, a user is not expected to run into a run commit over and over again, passing to gain a first on third down is allowed.

    Offensive Rules:
    • Switch up play calling, no spamming money plays. No play should be run back to back.
    • Going for it on 4th down is only allowed in the following situations:
    o 4th & 5 or less: 50 to opponents 35
    o 4th & 2 or less: 34 to Goal Line
    o Down at any point by 3 possessions
    o Losing in the 4th quarter.
    • Constant no huddling is only allowed within in the 2 minute warnings or while losing in the 4 quarter. At
    any other point in the game, back to back no huddle plays is not allowed.
    • 8 run plays minimum per game. Less than 32 will only require 25% running plays ( 28-31 plays= 7 runs,
    24-27= 6 runs, 20-23= 5 runs).
    • Chewing clock is only allowed with under 4 minutes left in the 4th or if the game is out of hand and the opponent requests to do so.
    • QBs can only run on designed run plays or scrambling if a play breaks down/evading a blitzer. No
    clearing out the wide receivers and scrambling as soon as the ball is hiked.
    • No cancelling play action after hiking the ball.

    Defensive Rules:
    • Switch up play calling, no continually running the same zone play after play.
    • At least 3 defenders must be rushing at all times unless a defensive lineman recognizes a screen and
    goes to cover the receiver.
    • No nano blitzing.
    • No exploiting player movements for a speed boost pre-snap.

    Special Team Rules:

    • 1 Fake punt or field goal per game, no restrictions on where or when this can happen
    • No calling a defensive audible to leave a FG defense formation.
    • No pulling an extra blocker all the way back to the returner on punt returns. You may move one defender
    off the line of scrimmage to defend against fake punts.

    Player Acquisition:
    • All trades need admin approvals in forums and agreement from the trade partner. A trade will not be
    approved unless the agreements have been posted. There is no backing out of a trade once the trade is agreed on in forums.
    • 2 trades allowed per regular season
    • 4 trades allowed per offseason
    • No limit on draft day trades so long as they include a pick in the current draft.
    • A player cannot be traded in the same season that they were acquired via trade, free agency or drafted.
    • Each team will have a designated player on offense (no linemen) and defense that is untradeable. **This rule is in effect for Season 1 only**
    • Teams are only allowed to sign 2 free agents per pre-season/regular season week.
    • Following the draft, teams are only allowed to sign 1 UNDRAFTED free agent per week. This signing will
    not count towards the already allotted 2 free agents per week.
    • Teams are allowed 2 practice squad steals per season. Practice squad stealing will not start until week 2 of each regular season.

    Position Changing:
    • A player is allowed to switch to an approved position in the offseason, preseason, and up until week 2 of the regular season.
    o Quarterback - cannot change to another position
    o Running Back – can change to FB if 85 or less speed and 30+ years old
    o Fullback – can change to TE
    o Wide Receiver – cannot change to another position
    o Tight End – can change to FB
    o Offensive Line – can change to any other OL position
    o Defensive Line – can change to any other DL position or to OLB if a pass rusher
    o Linebacker – can change to any other LB position or to DE if a pass rusher
    o Cornerback – can change to SS or FS
    o Safety – change to the other S position
    o Kicker/Punter – can change to the other kicking position
     Owners can appeal to have a player switched to a non-approved position.
     Computer generated rookies are not eligible for non-approved position changing.

    Speed Cap:
    • A Players speed can only be increased TWICE (2) from their original rating

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