Madden Hates Me. Lol

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    Jun 21, 2017
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    Hello, I'm J-Knight_81 on PSN. Tim IRL...

    I play CFM 99% of the time and have only been a part of maybe 6 leagues. One we had the past year but the Commish suddenly kicked everyone and we wasted 3 3/4 seasons and the others either caved or weren't active enough. Madden Originals 2 is what we have for the next couple months just to get by. We're pieces from a few different leagues now.

    I went from Madden 13 on PS3 to Madden 17 so I'm behind on some things. My "deleted league" record was around 8-50+ with 0 ties (unfortunately). Can't seem to quit throwing picks, but I'm mainly struggling against the User Lurk & Tipped Balls for INT.

    Anyway, I'm reaching out to find a new league and take part in different things out there. Hopefully looking to find people with respect toward SIM and Rules in general. I've had a lot of good games against people and even losing I've had a good deal of fun and exciting games.

    Thanks for having me here.

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    Hey Tim! Welcome! We definitely look for SIM and fun. Record doesn't mean anything as long as you like to ball like we do. Be sure to fill out an app in the official sign up thread and we'll let you know what comes next
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