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    All members of a PX1 Sports Madden League are required to read and know these rules. Once you have read over the rules and guidelines, please reply to this thread with some version of "Read and Agree" acknowledging you have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules laid out in this thread. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the league rules and guidelines, please contact the league commissioner. To keep the thread clean and easy to navigate, any comments other than an acknowledgement and agreement to the terms will be removed.


    All members of PX1 Sports leagues are expected to conduct themselves as mature adults. PX1 should be a place to meet new friends and have fun. Users are expected to play realistic simulation football and treat other members with integrity and respect. We expect all members to be open to feedback and improving their sim game.

    Members who are caught cheating, team killing, who display a win at all costs attitude, use excessive profanity, use racial slurs or remarks, berate or verbally abuse other members or otherwise display a negative or aggressive attitude towards members or site staff will be removed from the league and face a permanent ban from the site.

    All members should keep in mind that being competitive and having fun can go hand-in-hand. We do not want to be babysitters but we also do not want to create a negative environment for our members. Treat others as you would hope they would treat you and everyone’s experience will benefit because of it.

    The code of conduct extends to the forum, Discord, Twitch chat, and any other league related communications.


    All league games must be streamed on Twitch. If you do not have a Twitch account, you can sign up for a free account here.

    Once you have signed up, make sure to go into your settings (wrench icon), go to "Channel & Videos" and click the box next to "automatically archive my broadcasts" and then save your changes. This is required and allows us to go back and watch games and pull the video for league related shows if need be.


    All leagues advance on Tuesday and Thursday night at 10 PM CST and Sunday morning at 10 AM CST.


    All Madden league game results between two users on PX1 Sports will be entered on the PX1 Player Rankings. When the game is complete, the winning team should go to the Rankings page on the forum and click “Submit Game Result”. Then enter the system the game was played on, your opponent’s forum username (just start typing and the name will autopopulate), the game played (Madden), game result (you won, lost or the game disconnected), your score, your opponent’s score and your rating of your opponent’s simulation gameplay principles.

    Rating Guidelines

    Game exploits are defined as any play, movement or tactic used to exploit the game’s programming or AI, whether intended or unintentional. This includes but is not limited to money plays, abuse of certain pass routes, manually moving player’s to create blocking glitches, abusing penalty logic, making unnatural movements with your players, excessive scrambling, etc.

    Here are the guidelines members should use when rating their opponent’s gameplay:
    • 5 stars – Opponent played great sim football and adhered to all rules and guidelines. One or two minor infractions could be allowed. You generally have no complaints or they are very minor.
    • 4 stars – Opponent played mostly a sim football game. Minor infractions may have been made. Possibly one known cheat or exploit used, most likely unintentionally. The game was pretty good overall but you were a little frustrated by a couple of things that your opponent did.
    • 3 stars – Opponent played sim football principles but made some minor infractions and used some game exploits. A three-star rating generally indicates a player who wants to play sim but may have some bad habits or may be unknowingly using game exploits. This player needs help to clean up their game to continue playing at a league level.
    • 2 stars – Opponent made some attempt to play sim football but was heavily reliant on game exploits and broke several rules or guidelines. This opponent really does not grasp the idea of sim football that we expect.
    • 1 star – Opponent does not have an understanding of sim principles. Mostly game exploits were used and many rules or guidelines were broken. This is a typical lobby player who exploits AI issues over and over.

    Generally speaking, 5-star ratings and the occasional 4 here and there are expected. An owner who is consistently receiving 4-star ratings or who has received a 3-star rating will be contacted by league admin and may be placed on probation while they work on their sim game. Continual ratings of less than 5-stars while on probation may lead to a suspension and/or a removal from the league.


    If you rate your opponent less than a 5 you must send them feedback on why you gave them the rating you did so that they can improve. Please be as detailed as possible so that they and the leadership group can all understand what your opponent needs to improve on. To send feedback, after the game has been confirmed (not just submitted) send a PM here on the forum to your opponent and include majesty95, pack1797, firedup24, Burns and JNYHART.


    All sanctions and disciplinary measures will be handed out by the leagues Competition Committee. This includes broken records, statistical outliers and gameplay violations. Any sanctions handed down are able to be appealed to the league commissioner. However, the Competition Committee has unilateral control over sanctions and suspensions and any penalty handed down by them will typically be final.


    Owners are expected to be active in the Discord chat and to check the forum at least once per day to keep up on league activity, confirm game results, etc. We are not a league to just show up and play your games. We want everyone to be active and to get to know each other and enjoy the game beyond just playing games. Owners who are inactive may face removal from the league.

    Quitting/Removal from league

    An owner who quits the league is subject to a minimum one-year suspension from re-joining the league (typically one full Madden cycle). This is to encourage guys to stick around and play the entire year (usually 8-10 months) and to keep the league as full as possible at all times. Members who are removed for inactivity or for gameplay violations will not be allowed back into the league.
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    These guidelines lay out the basic rules for simulation football gameplay. While it is not an all-encompassing list, members should use this to guide their gameplay and in rating the gameplay of their opponents.

    • Only actual team playbooks are allowed (no generic playbooks)
    • Custom playbooks are not allowed
    • Each user should show their playbook being used in the pre-game matchup screen
    • Schemes and playbooks are chosen prior to each season and owners must stick with those for a full season before changing to simulate hiring and firing coordinators.
    • NFL records should never be broken playing realistic football on 12 minute quarters.
    • Individual statistical outlier games/seasons (ie 5 pass TD, 500 pass yards, 4 rush TD, 200 rush yards, 20 rec'g TD, 2,000 rush/rec;g yards, 20 rush/rec'g TDs, etc) should be avoided.

    Subs and Stats

    • Backup running backs should be used and typically get at least 30% of a team's carries. Top tier backs like Leveon Bell or Ezekiel Elliot may get up to 80%. Touchdowns should look similar to carries (ie your #1 back shouldn't get 90% of your TD rushes)
    • #1 receivers typically get less than 35% of receptions (generally under 30%). #2 and #3 WRs, TEs and RBs should also be used in the pass game.
    • TEs should almost never lead their team in receptions for the season. Players like Gronk are rare and usually have a #1 right behind them in total receptions.
    • RBs, while somewhat realistic in certain situations in the NFL, are prohibited from leading teams in receptions in Madden due to AI exploits/issues.
    Play Calling
    • You may only use the same play, from the same formation once per half.
    • You must attempt use at least half of your offensive formations every game (missing by 1-2 is not an issue as long as the formations are being mixed up and the play calling is diverse.
    • Your playbook should dictate your play style. If your playbook has 60% pro sets, you shouldn't be in shotgun 60% of the time (unless you're losing big from early on in the game)
    Run Plays
    • Runs should go through the designated gap or a hole over. Calling an inside run and running straight to the side line to manipulate the AI is not allowed.
    Run Balance
    • No team should run more than 65% of their run plays between the tackles or more than 50% of their runs outside.
    Running Quarterbacks
    • Quarterbacks should not run more than 6-7 times per game to simulate real NFL data.
    Pass Route Guidelines

    The following pass route guidelines are in place to prevent abuse of the AI and to help owners replicate realistic NFL pass route distribution. These are based on 25 attempts per game. Keep in mind that these totals add up to 42 so there is plenty of room for variety between teams.
    • Slants: 3-4 per game
    • Drags/Crosses: 3-4 per game
    • Curls/Hitches: 4-5 per game
    • Quick Outs/Flats: 4-5 per game
    • Streaks: 3-4 per game
    • Outs: 3-4 per game
    • Ins: 2-3 per game
    • Posts: 2-3 per game
    • Corners: 1-2 per game
    • Comebacks: 1-2 per game
    • WR Screens:2-3 per game
    • HB Screens:2-3 per game
    Hot Routes

    Hot routes should be used in a realistic manner. Multiple hot routes should not be used on one play (unless it is a hot route and a smart route for the same route and/or a blocking adjustment). Changing a route indicates that you intend to throw to that route. Calling hot routes to run off defenders or otherwise manipulate or exploit the AI is not allowed.

    No Huddle
    • Allowed in the final two minutes of 1st half
    • Allowed in the final three minutes of 4th quarter when tied or trailing
    • Allowed any time in the 4th quarter when trailing by 10 or more.
    Chew Clock

    Chew clock can be used when leading in the last three (3) minutes of the 4th quarter or the final minute of the first half. We play shortened quarters so we should be trying to pick plays in a timely manner otherwise.

    • Allowed on 3rd or 4th and 5 or less, 2nd and 12 or less at anytime of 1st down.
    • Should account for less than 33% of your pass attempts.
    • Play-action rollouts should be limited to 2-3 times per game at most.
    4th Down
    • Allowed on 4th and 2 or less once you cross your own 40 yard line or
    • Allowed on 4th and 10 or less from between your opponent’s 30-45 yard lines.
    • Allowed when it is the last play of the first half or when losing in the 4th quarter.
    FB Dive/QB Sneak

    You are allowed up to one (1) use each of FB Dive and QB sneak. These are limited to 1st or 2nd down only. These plays are extremely difficult to stop with realistic football principles and should not be a bail out for someone who could not convert on their first two downs.

    Goal Line Offense
    • Allowed inside you or your opponent's five yard line.
    Defensive Movement

    If the defense flips their play or is otherwise in motion prior to the snap, you must let them set before snapping the ball. An exception would be when the play clock is within 2-3 seconds and you need to avoid a delay of game. If the defense is constantly flipping plays and moving players around pre-snap, you could possibly quick snap on them to get them to stop. The majority of the time though, the defense should be allowed to get set. There are flaws in base alignments and the defense needs to be able to cover those.


    • One player is allowed to be moved pre-snap. That player must then be controlled through the snap.
    • CBs cannot be moved inside the OLBs and safeties cannot be manually moved inside the deepest LB.
    Defensive Line/LB Shifts
    • Frequent use of line or LB shifts is not allowed. It should be an occasional adjustment, not a base defense.
    • Shifting both linebackers and the d-line on the same play is not allowed.
    Defensive Line Play
    • Each user should play as a non-blitzing LB, CB or safety at least half of their defensive snaps.
    • The same defensive lineman cannot be used on consecutive plays.
    • Defensive line play must consist of both DTs and DEs if you choose to play as the d-line.
    • No team should blitz more than 50% of their defensive plays to simulate NFL data.
    • The use of Cover 0 blitzes (no zones) should consist of less than 15% of your blitzes.

    Run Commit
    • Run commit is only allowed on short yardage situations and must be done from a Cover 0 (no zones) concept. Run committing from zone based defenses is not allowed.
    Goal Line Defense
    • Allowed inside your five yard line when two or less receivers are on the field.
    • No movement is allowed on special teams before the snap.
    • No player other than the returner is allowed to be moved on kick and punt returns.
    • One attempt of a (1) fake punt, fake field goal or fake PAT is allowed per game.
    • Onside kicks are only allowed in the 4th quarter when trailing.
    • Squib kicks are only allowed in the final minute of each half.
    • Punts must go down the middle of the field unless being fielded inside the 20 yards line.
    Sky Punts
    • Sky punts are not allowed due to a game glitch.
    Special Teams Plays
    • Only allowed vs offensive special teams formations (ie no field goal block to stop goal line).
    • No movement of players allowed pre-snap.
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    Scheme Changes

    Scheme changes must be approved by the trade committee and be done during the offseason/preseason. To request a scheme change, post a thread in the league's transaction sub-forum with an explanation for the change and tag the league's trade committee.

    Depth Chart

    The following guide is to be used for ALL depth chart settings. Depth charts should be set before the game.
    • FB > HB = A fullback may be inserted as a halfback at any time.
    • FB > TE = A fullback may be inserted as a tight end at any time.
    • OL > OL = All offensive line positions are considered interchangeable.
    • DL > DL = All defensive line positions are considered interchangeable.
    • LB > LB = All linebacker positions are considered interchangeable.
    • OLB > DE = Allowed at any time.
    • DE > OLB = Allowed at any time.
    • S > S = Safety positions are considered interchangeable.
    Depth chart changes outside of what is listed above will not be permitted unless approved by the trade committee. To submit a position change request not listed above, post a thread in the league Transactions forum and tag the trade committee.

    Formation Subs

    Formation subs follow the depth chart guidelines above. However, a HB may be manually put in as a WR through formation subs only. Moving a HB to WR permanently would require the approval of the trade committee.

    Player Progression

    Upgrading any attribute for an offensive player to or above a 90 requires that player to have at least a 70 AWR. Upgrading any attribute for a defensive player to or above a 90 requires either AWR or PRC to be at least a 70 with the other at least a 60.


    All trades must be approved by the trade committee: majesty95 pack1797 firedup24 Omletnator13 wyrmreaver

    Fist Season of Madden 18 Trade Limit

    For the first season of Madden 18, veteran owners (owners who have completed at least one full season) will be limited to trading/acquiring one player 85 OVR or below or a 1st or 2nd round pick (you may trade one and acquire one). Owners who have not completed one full season will not be permitted to trade the first season. After the first Super Bowl of Madden 18, we will follow the normal veteran and new owner trade rules listed below. This rule is simply to keep teams relatively intact during season one while giving veteran owners a little flexibility to a fill an area of need.

    Veteran Trade Rules (in effect following season one of Madden 18)
    • Trading with the CPU is not allowed should a team become CPU controlled at any time.
    • Each team is allowed to trade and acquire up to three (3) assets per season (you may trade three and acquire three). An asset is considered a player or a 1st or 2nd round pick.
    • Only one (1) player between 85-90 OVR may be traded and acquired (1 each) by each team, each season.
    • No player 91 OVR or higher may be traded.
    • Players signed as free agents, re-signed or drafted must play one season with their team before being eligible to be traded.
    • There is no limit on trading 3rd-7th round picks.
    • Pick for pick trades require league approval (except during the draft) and must follow the Draft Trade Value Chart.
    Veteran Trade Incentives/Penalties
    • Owners who post a season preview (minimum 250 words) and three (3) other team/league related articles (minimum 150 words each) AND tweet at least 8 separate team news stories on their team Twitter account will be allowed to trade and acquire up to four (4) assets the following season.
    • Owners who fail to post a team preview (minimum 250 words) or post 8 separate team related tweets on their team Twitter account will be limited to trading and acquiring only two (2) assets the following season.
    NOTE: Player OVR is determined by the player’s card on DaddyLeagues. All trade submissions should include a screenshot of each player’s DaddyLeagues attributes page.

    New Owner Trade Limits (in effect following season one of Madden 18)
    • Zero (0) completed seasons = Zero (0) allowed trades
    • One (1) full season completed = One trade of one player 85 OVR or below and/or any draft pick not in the 1st or 2nd round.
    • Two (2) or more seasons completed = Full veteran trading privileges.
    NOTE: New owners are restricted in trading to preserve the integrity of their team should they not work out. Newer owners can still build their team through free agency and the draft. The goal is to find long-term owners committed to being here multiple years.


    Preseason Free Agency

    Preseason free agents are either awarded via a waiver system or limited to two players per week, one 70 OVR or higher and one 69 OVR or lower. See your league’s transaction sub forum for details.

    In-season Free Agents
    • Max of one (1) signing per week
    • Max of four (4) signings per season
    • QBs signed during the season must sit at least one week before being used to simulate having to learn the team's playbook.
    Users are expected to use the offseason and their practice squad to field suitable depth for their teams.

    Off-season Free Agency
    • 30 point minimum for any offer during the off-season
    • Users can either match the points of existing offers or they have to beat it by at least five (5) points.
    Offers cannot be reduced when teams drop out. Once you make an offer you either have to keep it, beat it or completely drop out of the running for the remainder of the off-season.

    NOTE: You can adjust (lower) an offer when you are initially offering it to get to a certain point threshold (ex. five points above previous offer) or to get your first offer to 30 points. However, once the offer is set and has not been changed for several minutes it will be considered offered as is. Users dropping out of a race for a player should take screen shots of the offers on the player before they drop out to help police this policy.

    Practice Squad
    • Max of three practice squad claims per season
    • Max one claim per week
    • Claims from another team's PS count as an in season FA signing.
    • Calling up a PS player on your own team does not count as an in season FA signing.
    Maximum Contract Length
    • Four (4) years for both free agents and re-signings.
    This rule is to promote an active free agency and force users to make critical roster decisions.

    • New owners (less than 2 full seasons) MAX $8M penalty
    • Veteran owners MAX $15M penalty.

    Minimum/maximum players by position (excluding practice squad)

    QB - 2/4
    HB - 3/5
    FB - 0/2
    WR - 4/7
    TE - 2/4
    OL - 8/12
    DL - 6/10
    LB - 5/10
    CB - 4/7
    S - 3/5

    ***All teams must carry a minimum of 63 players during the preseason and 53 players at all times during the regular season and post season.***


    Head Coach/Scout/Trainers

    Hiring and firing of team personnel is only allowed during the designated times during the offseason.


    We want users to have fun even with less than stellar teams. Because of that, you are encouraged to upgrade your stadium or look into building a new stadium. We will also allow users (potentially) to relocate. However, there will be some guidelines. Below are the processes for upgrading, building and relocating:

    Stadium Upgrades

    Owners may apply upgrades to their stadium at any time.

    Building a new stadium

    Building a new stadium will require the approval of the league's trade committee. Generally, we will want to see a realistic reason for needing a new stadium and proof that the new stadium is financially feasible (you are responsible for your team's finances. No bailouts here). To request approval for a new stadium, post a thread in the transactions sub-form and tag each of the members of the league's trade committee. Include the following:

    Available Funds:
    Age of current stadium:
    Fan happiness:

    You will also need to make your case for why this is a feasible option for your team. The restrictions will not be as tight as for those wanting to relocate, but we also want to make sure you are preparing your team for long-term success. Make your case as clearly and as concisely as possible.

    ***NOTE: New owners (two years or less) will not be able to submit approval for building a stadium until they have completedat least part of two seasons in the league.***

    Team relocation

    Relocation requires approval by ¾ of the league owners. Owners interested in relocating their team must create a thread (with a poll) and include the following:

    Current Team:
    Fan Happiness:
    Team Success Rank:
    Team Popularity:
    Market Size:
    Available Funds:
    Age of current stadium:
    Relocation market size:
    Relocation personality:
    Relocation fan interest:

    Users looking to relocate must plead their case as to why their team should be allowed to move. Remember, you are selling this to the other owners. Most owners are going to be traditionalists and not want to see a team relocate. You will need to present a compelling argument for your case if you expect to receive approval.

    **Owners must be approved to build a new stadium or relocate before initiating the process in game. Failure to do so will result in a penalty up to and including termination from the league.**

    ***NOTE: New owners (two years or less) will not be able to submit approval forrelocation until they have completed at least part of two seasons in the league.***
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    8/28 - Removed rule regarding kick aiming arc as that is the only option for kicking this year.
    10/20 - Owners may trade up to five (5) assets. Assets include players and 1st round picks. No player 91 OVR or higher may be traded. Only one player 85-90 OVR may be traded and acquired (one each).
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