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    I wanted to take a few moments to clarify the expectations for all of our leagues here at PX1 Sports. We are not a site in which each league is left to their own devices and each kind of do their own thing. Each league here at PX1 Sports is expected to play by the same rules and follow the same expectation of sim as each of the other leagues. This is to provide a consistent experience across all leagues so that guys can go from one league to the next or system to system and get the exact same experience every time. Below is a list of the basic expectations for each of our leagues. Personally, we do not find these expectations and practices unreasonable. However, we do realize that what we offer will not fit everyone and that is fine. We believe in what we do and are simply looking for others who believe in our vision as well.

    Rules and Guidelines

    Each member is expected to know and follow the Rules and Guidelines. Members agree to these before joining the league and everyone is expected to read and re-read them as many times as is necessary to remain in compliance. Small things may be overlooked once or twice. We understand that. However, repeatedly ignoring rules or blatant disregard for the rules will result in removal from the league.

    Gameplay Rankings

    Each member is expected to log each game that they play with another user on the Rankings page. This includes, preseason, regular season, post season and tryout games. Details for this process are in the Rules and Guidelines. This process allows users to keep up with their overall record against all users and also allows management to keep a running tally on each user's sim gameplay as defined by their peers. This process also eliminates the need for commissioners to take time out of their schedules to go back and watch games and field disputes and complaints. The rankings process streamlines this and puts the onus on the user to rate their peer appropriately and provide reasonable feedback explaining their review so that their opponent can improve their sim game and management can track their progress.


    Each member is expected to use their league's scheduling forum to schedule their games. When logging on, please post your entire availability during the current advance week and tag your opponent by placing an @ before their username. When your opponent logs on, they can then easily select from your availability and choose a time that works for them. Slack and PMs may be used to confirm game times or make adjustments when things come up, but the forum scheduling thread should be used as the primary means of scheduling. This makes it easy for management to confirm games are being scheduled as well as other members to look and see when games are being played so they can tune in to watch. It is not reasonable to expect management or other users to scroll through hundreds of messages on Slack to find this. Also, remember that each user is expected to post their availability and make an attempt to schedule within 12 hours of advance. Advances for every league are on a set schedule so that should not be difficult. If a user has not posted within 24 hours then they are subject to being placed on auto at the discretion of league management.

    Attitude and Activity

    Most importantly, each member is expected to maintain a positive, mature and constructive attitude. The goal here is for everyone to have fun playing a game that they enjoy on a competitively balanced playing field. We simply do not have the time or desire to deal with members who complain, bicker or are otherwise providing a negative environment for members or management. Raising concerns or giving honest and constructive feedback through PM to your league commissioners or site management (majesty95, pack1797 or BigTexas18) is encouraged. However, we expect each user to do so in a constructive and professional manner.

    We also expect each member to provide some kind of content for their teams and encourage users to create league related content as well. We know everyone has a life outside of PX1. We are not asking you to write novels or edit videos of every game (although that is not discouraged if you enjoy doing that). However, we have found that the best leagues and the most enjoyable league experiences are those in which the most members participate in creating content outside of what the game offers. This just offers a way for members to enjoy their league and learn about others teams and owners when they have free time and want to see what's going on in their league.


    We sincerely appreciate everyone that takes the time to sign up and be a part of what we are building here. We also understand that not everyone wants as detailed of a league experience as what we provide. That is ok. We just ask that anyone who chooses to play with us understands these things and makes a concerted effort to follow and abide by these things so that everyone can enjoy the site and the game as much as possible while they are here.

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