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    Welcome to the PX1 Sports Xbox1 Madden League for the Madden '17 release cycle.

    (some things may change or be updated as we approach and move into the cycle)

    League Organization:

    Commissioner: wyrmreaver
    Asst Commish: xSavedByGraceo
    Trade Committee: wyrmreaver / xSavedByGraceo / Wolfman93011 / majesty95

    All users will create a new Owner. Please do not use any inappropriate names and stick to 'actual' names and not gamertags or nick names and the like.

    The League will advance three times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Advance time is planned to happen after midnight EST on those nights (yes, I know that would technically make it Tues-Thurs-Sat on the east coast, but I am on PST).

    We will have a daddyleagues page in order to quickly see player profiles, standings, etc from a phone or PC

    League Rules:

    It's simple really, don't be a douche, don't be a jerk when you win, don't be a baby when you lose, and treat everyone in the league with respect. Trash talk is okay, but threats, insults, and bigotry will not be tolerated.

    In terms of gameplay, this is a sim league. We will be adhering to the PX1 site rules for gameplay which will address virtually all of the specific things we are looking for in terms of 4th down attempts, mixing up playcalls and so on. If necessary, we will also maintain a thread where we discuss questionable plays, tactics, and strategic approaches to the game that should be minimized or avoided.


    Content and Participation Requirements:

    We are all here to have fun. With that in mind, we want to encourage maximum participation in content creation for the forums while requiring only minimal of the same.

    You will need to create a team page in the "Team Reports" Forum. I will post a fictional example that can serve as a guideline. In short, this page should include your Team, your GT, your playbooks, and a general note about your strategy (think like a 1-2 sentence scouting report for each side of the ball). Beyond the initial team page, you are encouraged to write team previews each season, reviews of your draft and free agency results, and any other stuff you want to say about your team. The Team reports is your spot for a team blog

    All players will be required to submit the results of their user games and a peer rating of their opponent for all user game. The details of the peer review system are in the site rules but I wanted to give my take on them. These peer reviews are an excellent tool to help everyone be accountable to sim play and the rules and cut down on the constant complaining and nitpicking we often see in online leagues. Keep in mind that the best league is a league where everyone adheres to the rules and there is a sense of camaraderie among the players. Do not use the peer review system to punish someone for beating you or talking trash or just because you don't like them, doing so will result in a dismissal from the league and possibly the site. The Peer system is meant as a tool to help us all get along and be keep it fair and fun for the whole group. What I dont want to see is stuff like, "he completed 6 slant passes and the rules say he should only have 5 per game, so he gets a 1." Lets all be grown ups and try to work together and not freak out over every little detail. Here is a very general look at the 1-5 ratings and what they mean to me.
    • 5 - this is the standard rating for a solid game. I have no real legitimate issues with how my opponent played, win or lose
    • 4 - This means I took issue with a couple of things that happened. It wasn't excessive and may not have even been intentional, but a couple things about the way my opponent played frustrated me.
    • 3 - This game was frustrating. It felt like my opponent was using known exploits or questionable strategy on purpose and at key moments. They mostly kept it sim, but there are some improvements that need to be made.
    • 2 - My opponent either doesn't understand or doesn't care about sim gameplay or our rules. There were some obvious violations of site rules that made this game not very fun to play. Some immediate changes need to happen if this person intends to stay in a sim league
    • 1 - Maybe this guy is just trolling us. It felt like the bad experiences I hear about on MUT and ranked matches. Games like this are the reason I came to a sim league in the first place and I shouldn't have to endure games like this here.
    The general guidelines for punishments, suspensions and removals for poor peer reviews are included in the site rules. I know that with a large portion of the league having never played together there are bound to be some issues here and there. I will say that it is my opinion that most guys who are willing to listen and make adjustments should be given that opportunity, so a couple of bad peer reviews isn't going to automatically result in a removal from the league, but it will certainly mean that we have to work on some things to make sure you understand what playing sim is all about and you are putting those principles into practice. If however, you refuse to take coaching, make adjustments, or accept responsibility, your stay here will be short.
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