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    Alright guys, I was waiting until we had an issue with rotations to explain this process and our fix for it. The problem if you guys do not know is that there is a bug or whatever where the cpu rotation will get "stuck" and it will always have the guy at the top of the rotation start for some reason. This depletes stamina in the bullpen as well and starters end up starting 60+ games in a 82 game season which inflates stats. So we came up with a fix for it. It isn't ideal or convenient, but it works and it's the only known fix. So heres's what you gotta do:

    I have given select users the ability to switch teams. What you will need to do if you notice that a starter is low stamina in the game start up menu (yes, this means you have to pay attention):

    1. Back out of the game before starting
    2. Scroll using R1/L1 in main franchise menu until you get to the Management Tab.
    3. Under Management, Click on User, then on User Management.
    4. Find the team for which you are fixing the rotation and click on the team.
    5. Click on Swap User.
    6. Find your team and click on your Team/PSN Tag.
    7. It will say, Move Here? Confirm the move by selecting Yes.
    8. Your PSN Tag will move to that team and you are now in control of that team.
    9. Back out to main franchise menu and scroll to Team tab.
    10. Click on the Pitching Rotation option.
    11. Move the starter with low energy to the number 5 spot and move every starter up 1 spot.
    12. If more than one pitcher are low stamina, move the next pitcher with full stamina to the #1 slot and adjust rotation accordingly.
    13. Go back to the Management Tab and swap back to your original team.

    After you play, the bug will reoccur most likely and send the original starter to the top, so you will need to do this prior to each game if bug continues to occur. I will be scrolling through rotations randomly and fixing any that need it. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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