Cowboys and Redskins Deal

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    There's been another trade down in Dallas behind new owner Chris Bullard. The Dallas Cowboys send WR Miles Austin, SS Barry Church, and the 5th round pick in 2014, for SS Brandon Meriweather and the Skins 4th round pick in the 2014 draft. This deal works great for the cowboys. This sends slumping, injury risk Austin to their rivals, while allowing up and comer Terrence Williams, from Baylor to the 2nd WR slot for the Boys. The Boys also signed FA WR Aldrick Robinson from SMU to join the receiving core, as he will have the slot responsibility. Robinson and Beasley played together at SMU and look forward to playing together again. Meriweather at age 29, will add some strong support out of the safety role. The Cowboys now also have 3 4th round picks in the 2014 draft (one they got from the vikings in the Bruce Carter trade). It seems this 5-1 cowboy team just got alot better, but only time will tell. The Cowboys also now have 9 draft picks in the 2014 draft and they are:
    • 1st Round Cowboys
    • 2nd Round Cowboys
    • 2nd Round Vikings
    • 3rd Round Cowboys
    • 4th Round Cowboys
    • 4th Round Vikings
    • 4th Round Redskins
    • 6th Round Cowboys
    • 7th Round Cowboys
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