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The Colorado Rockies have agreed to trade CF Garrett Hampson, LF Sam Hilliard and SP prospect McCade Brown to the Kansas City Royals for LF Andrew Benintendi and SP Brad Keller.

The Rockies, to nobody's surprise, are hoping Keller can add some pitching depth and consistency to their rotation, something they have sorely been lacking and are looking for Benintendi to to play a locking LF while rookie Ryan Vilade still develops. They plan on having Vilade also learn to play some RF and CF during this time as they prepare for Michael Conforto to join the team either late this year or next year at RF. The Rockies also have the money to offer Benintendi an extension if they deem he deserving of one or they can let him walk.

In return the Royals receive prospect McCade Brown who, while iffy this year, at 21 has plenty of time to grow into the player the Royals are looking for. The Royals also have plenty of pitchers ready to be called up, the most notable being Asa Lacy. They are also receiving outifielders Hilliard and Hampson. Hilliard had been reliable for the Rockies, is not in the long term plans for the team and they believe someone of his talent deserves that chance while Hampson offers a solid backup outfielder/utility man for the Royals.

Colorado Rockies trade
CF/UT Garrett Hampson
LF Sam Hilliard
SP prospect McCade Brown

Kansas City Royals trade
LF Andrew Benintendi
SP Brad Keller

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Disapprove. I think one more tiny piece from the Rockies or trading out Hampson for a slightly more useful player and its a no brainer. Very close though.


Gonna vote no on this one. KC just isn't getting enough back. Hillard is a downgrade to Benintendi. Hampson is basically useless with his bat. Brown and Keller are a bit of a wash, but to me, the team getting the prospects back usually should get a little more value (if all developed) compared to the seller since there's risk on the prospect side, but this is a bit too heavily favoring the buying team talent wise.
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