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The New York Yankees have agreed to trade RHP SP Tyson Ross and RP prospect Emilio Pagan to the Cleveland Indians for RHP SP Jared Rogers. The Yankees are looking to trade Ross who has been up and down during his tenure with the club as well as Pagan who has fluctuated with success in the minors. The Yankees do not see him making his way to the majors this year for them and at 25, believe he deserves a shot with someone. The trade also gives the Yankees some more wiggle room with finances as they have had under $1 million in available budget for most of the season.

The Indians are in a win now mentality but have struggled when it comes to the bullpen. The acquirement of Ross still gives them a 5th rotation spot and still leaves the team with plenty of money. Pagan adds another prospect for their bullpen that has three relievers with an ERA over 5 so there is always the chance the team chooses to call up Pagan this season. Both also add some youth to the pitching staff that has 6 members over 30 with 2 of those at least 33.

New York Yankees trade:
RHP SP Tyson Ross
RHP RP Emilio Pagan

Cleveland Indians trade:
RHP SP Jared Rogers

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