VIP Scheduling | Madden 19 | S1 | Week 12


You guys know the drill. Here are the highlights to keep in mind when scheduling:
  • Users must post their full availability within 12 hours of advance.
  • CPU games must be scheduled and posted within 24 hours of advance
  • Every game needs to be streamed on Twitch (must be set to archive broadcasts in settings)
  • Only user vs user games need to be recorded in rankings
  • Road team is responsible for invite and streaming the game.
User vs User:

Redskins (BroccoBeef) at Cowboys (@Clutchology)
Falcons (woodsmall12) at Saints (WKXT85)
Jaguars (The_Mr_Heisman) at Bills (Tsmith2211)
Dolphins (Maverick0330) at Indy (Burns)
Cardinals (pack1797) at Chargers (Devonta2)
Steelers (Sanch0526) at Broncos (Skyballr)
Packers (SwaggKillz) at Vikings (majesty95)

User vs CPU:

Bears (NightHawkTH32) at CPU Lions
49ers (Duv49ers) at CPU Bucs
CPU Raiders at Ravens (JNYHART)
CPU Browns at Bengals (JerseyBorn)
CPU Patriots at NYJ (aSizzle52)
CPU NYG at Eagles (Omletnator13)
Titans (firedup24) at CPU Texans

Chiefs (CPU)
Rams (LostsniperLV)

Advance is Sunday at 11:00 AM CST


Staff member
Can we actually do 4 PM CST? Sorry. Forgot the CFSL games are done near three and then I have to enter box scores. Let me know. Thanks!