VIP Scheduling | M19 Season 1 | Week 9


You guys know the drill. Here are the highlights to keep in mind when scheduling:
  • Users must post their full availability within 12 hours of advance.
  • CPU games must be scheduled and posted within 24 hours of advance
  • Every game needs to be streamed on Twitch (must be set to archive broadcasts in settings)
  • Only user vs user games need to be recorded in rankings
  • Road team is responsible for invite and streaming the game.
User vs User:

:psbutton:Bears (NightHawkTH32) at Bills (Tsmith2211)
:psbutton:Jets (aSizzle52) at Dolphins (Maverick0330)
:psbutton:Steelers (Sanch0526) at Ravens (JNYHART)
:psbutton:Falcons (woodsmall12) at Redskins (BroccoBeef)
:psbutton:Rams (LostsniperLV) at Saints (WKXT85)
:psbutton:Titans (firedup24) at Cowboys (clutchology101)

User vs CPU:

CPU Raiders at :psbutton:49ers (Duv49ers)
CPU Lions at :psbutton:Vikings (majesty95)
CPU Texans at :psbutton:Broncos (Skyballr)
:psbutton:Chargers (Devonta2) at CPU Seahawks
:psbutton:Packers (SwaggKillz) at CPU Patriots

Bye Week Blues:

Cardinals (pack1797), Bengals (JerseyBorn), Colts (Burns), Jags (The_Mr_Heisman), Eagles (Omletnator13)

Advance is Wednesday at 10:00 PM CST



I'm available tonight anytime until about 11 cst
Monday - on shift so not available
Tuesday - Going to a concert after work so not available
Wednesday - available anytime from 6 pm cst until advance.

I know I only have limited availability so if we can't get it in tonight or Wednesday, let me know and I'll go on auto.



I can only do nights starting tomorrow. I’m on Mountain Time this week. Can go from 7 mountain until 11 mountain any night
Hey sanch I work 3rd shift so may be tough, but I can play anytime tomorrow from 3:30 est to 8:30 est. Would you be able to play 7 est Tuesday?