VIP Scheduling | M18 Season 3 | Week 13

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You guys know the drill. Here are the highlights to keep in mind when scheduling:
  • Users must post their full availability within 12 hours of advance.
  • CPU games must be scheduled and posted within 24 hours of advance
  • Every game needs to be streamed on Twitch (must be set to archive broadcasts in settings)
  • Only user vs user games need to be recorded in rankings
  • Whoever has :psbutton: by their username has streaming and invite responsibilities
User vs User:

Bengals (Skyballr) at Bills (Sanch0526) :psbutton:
Broncos (clutchology101) at Chargers (aSizzle52) :psbutton:
Ravens (Maverick0330) at Browns (Burns) :psbutton:
Titans (firedup24) at Jets (wyrmreaver) :psbutton:

User vs CPU:

Chiefs (WKXT85) at Texans
Eagles at Bears (Paytonno1son)
Jags (woodsmall12) at Colts
Raiders at Steelers (LostsniperLV)

Advance is Tuesday at 10:00 PM CST
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