Well first of All I like to say Thank you Majesty95 for giving me the chance to play in your league. I've
tried to play this SIMS and it's not for me. I don't understand how you can play a video gm and want
It too be realistic, it's not possible. Which some may not agree or choose to agree. However this madden video gm takes a certain amount of skill to master and beat just about everyone you play. Play calling and user catching, user everything to try and take the curcumstances of a game out of the control of the AI. That was the sole purpose of why Madden was made so it would allow the average joe to play a Marcus Gant, Ronnie Lot or Aaron Rogers. And what he or she would do in a similar game time situation. However I'm finding out that many players in this league bitch and complain about the rules when things don't go their way, and then they wanna complain to the Comish, and most complaints aren't legit, some players in the league play like Cheese as described by Majesty95. I know cause when I have the time I watch 80-90% of posted games and then go and read the rules. I stay in the rule guideline page, cause I wanna do my games right. But some don't: especially if their winning or have won. From waiting all day to play someone and they forget to change there playbook. Too someone saying I rolled out to much, and I'm playing with a mobile QB, Wow !! You go figure that one out. Especially after I watched Rogers rollout about 10yds today an throw a backwards bomb.
rules say you must throw to your number #1 and #2 Wr's well what's happens if the CB shuts them down, your screwed, I played semi- pro ball and I was told " We take what the defense gives us" so if their only letting your RB catch passes out the Backfield and your playing SIMS I guess your screwed !! Or even when Majesty95 says " you must mix it up as much as possible " then how did someone run for 189 yds on me and only throw for 118yds the whole game, cause their was no mixing just exploiting the fact that I couldn't stop the run. Actually they did right, but not according to the rules !! I said all this cause I wanted to be heard. I do think it's a good group of guys, but many need to get a grip and stop complaining about Shit that they do, that they want someone else to stop doing !! I'm 42yrs old so Mr. Majesty95 I will leave the league without being ignorant like pass Owners, cause for 1 its not that serious and for 2 I'm an Adult. What makes rules in life so hard to follow is not doing them, but sating back and watching others not following them, and complain about everybody else...............Much like complaining about the President or Congress but don't go Vote !!!! And last but not lease I wanna say thank you to Whoa for telling about the league in the first place, and he knows first hand that Mr. DeFrance don't stick around
For Nonsense, but only what makes since !! May God Bless each and everyone of you !! I'm out remember IM STRONG AND YOUR WEAK !!!


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I don't think u understood the rules. The purpose of sim is to keep players from exploiting AI flaws which is all that lobby ball players do for the most part.

Nothing says u can't pound the ball if ur opponent can't stop it. "Mix it up" means ur plays. It means don't just run screens and draws over and over or just throw corner and post routes. It means run inside, run outside. It means use most of the routes on the passing tree.

Yes rollouts are not allowed except by designed play bc the AI doesn't defend them. Its a typical lobby ball play that guys just rollout and hit the easy crossing route that is open 99% of the time. Its weak. Real life defenders would adapt. The CPU just keeps letting them get open. Not saying that's what u did, but most guys play sim to get away from guys that just rollout to get easy pass completions. Staying in the pocket and finding real open receivers makes for a better player IMO.

Sorry to see you go but sim is not for everyone. I mentioned in the League Description that if u are a lobby ball player this league is probably not for u. It takes a different mindset.

Good luck to you.
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