11 Blue Jays - Mets (CPU) Trade - VETOED

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The Jays send MLB SP Noah Lowry (retaining $1.4M of his salary), MLB CF Greg Halman, and AAA SP Brandon Johnson to the Mets in exchange for MLB SP Ervin Santana.

23-year old Halman and 25-year-old Johnson replace 29-year-old CF Chris Dickerson and 28-year-old Zach Duke in an earlier iteration of this deal that received mixed reviews for its lack of young talent headed to NYC. Halman has less than a year of ML Service Time and only ranked as low as 14th on Toronto's Top Prospects list prior to this season because everyone ahead of him was also in Baseball's Top 200 Prospects. Brandon Johnson has barely over a year of Service Time, so he's no longer ranked as a prospect, but the former Rule 5 pick has been well regarded in the past.

New York had put Santana (expiring $13M/year contract) on the Trade Block and Lowry (expiring $3M/year contract) had demanded a trade from Toronto, so they're both getting a change of scenery they requested. The Mets shed some payroll during a non-competitive season and get both a young prospect OF with great speed/baserunning and defense in CF, as well as a young and cheap back-of-the-rotation SP in exchange for swapping want-away starting pitchers. Supporting screenshots below:

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I’m closer than before but still leaning towards no be used the younger guys still haven’t shown much. Maybe adding in a guy who might be able to play decently well in MLB? Santana is on a 1 year deal just for this season I see but I think I just need a little bit more for me to accept.


Halman is utter garbage. The definition of this game loving power for stars. Even with his defense i don't see him bringing any actual value to a team. Johnson is 25 with development still left which is risky. It's way better than the first one but still lacking a bit. Change Halman to someone who has a chance to play and sure.
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